The SVS Difference

The Inspectors

What places SVS Engineering as a leader in this highly competitive field, is the continual improvement of the already high level of technical competency that exists amongst the team of Inspectors. Continual improvement that is pushed forward by the expansive knowledge and experience of the Senior Inspectors, regular inspector meetings that include retired inspectors, Assessors, State Authority representatives, and the ability to be in continuous communication with other members of the inspection team to access shared knowledge.

SVS Engineering Inspectors are all highly competitive in their field. They are a team of vastly experienced Pressure Vessel Inspectors, who have completed an extensive Training Regime supervised by our Senior Inspectors. They have the Technical Competence to be able to sign off on their reports without another entity reviewing or overseeing this process.

Administrative Backup

What’s a great Inspection Team without highly knowledgeable administration staff to back them up?

Our friendly, super efficient and dedicated staff back at the office are also highly knowledgeable concerning pressure equipment requirements. They can provide you with instant reports and taking care of your registrations.