Workshop Air Compressors

Just a few minutes a day can prevent loss time Workshop air compressorand accidents from occurring in the light industrial workshops with a few simple checks of your air compressor

Visually check drive belts for signs of wear, check the compressor sight glass has oil , check hose connection from compressor to make sure they are in good order, check that all safety guarding is secure. These can all be carried out before compressor is switched on, but most importantly check and drain compressor air receiver on a daily basis.

Drain the air receiver, water separator & pressure tank of water that builds up with everyday operation. Keeping the system as dry as possible will avoid costly replacement and risk of injury due to corrosion.

These few step will save down time and maintain a safe work environment in your workshop.

Remember to stay OH&S complaint by having your pressure vessels certified by SVS Engineering Pressure Vessel Inspection Service

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