Legislation Summary

  • All High Risk Plant with Hazard Level A, B and C as per AS: 4343:2005 must be inspected externally by a competent person every 2 years and internally every 4 years.
  • All High Risk Hazard Plant with Hazard Levels A, B and C as above must maintain current Item of Plant.
  • Registration with the State Authority: “The purpose of registering an item of plant is to ensure that it is inspected by a competent person and is safe to operate”. (WHS Regulation 2011 – 246).
  • All Hazard Level A, B, C and D must also have Design registration.
  • Definition of Competency: For inspection of plant for registration purposes the person must have:
    • Educational or vocational qualifications in an engineering discipline relevant to the plant being inspected, or
    • Knowledge of the technical standards relevant to the plant being inspected.